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I like to review all the shows i attend. This way if your are unable to attend any shows, you wont miss out on any of the gossip or what went on !!

I attend as many shows as i can every year. TRAX is a definate and Modified Nationals too. They are both my favorite events.

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Modified Nationals 2014 @ Hot Rod Show

Posted on May 25, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Modified Nationals Kicked off at 2pm on Friday 23rd May. The weather was good - the sun was shining and the weekend was kicking off on a high !! Everyone set up camp and prepared for the night ahead of them. At 10pm people started heading to the rave for a good time - Some people couldn't handle their drink and sadly couldn't just enjoy the night. Someone decided to let off tear Gas and an ambulance had to be called to check people over.


I on the other hand didn't let that spoil my weekend - waking up on Saturday made me realize that modified nationals was gonna be the same as every year .. a complete wash out, and i wasn't wrong. No one bothered to put their car on show & everyone was gone by 12 o'clock... You cant blame them because it was non stop rain all of Saturday. I decided not to camp Saturday night as my tent was flooded so was my bedding...


Sunday morning the sun was shining and it looked to be a beautiful day - everyone was up and ready for the show and there was some amazing cars on show. I went out and bought a hose pipe so we could all wash our cars on the stand 'JustACarClub'. It took me a good 2 hours to walk around the arena inside and look at the stalls - and then another few hours taking pictures on the showground of all of the stands.


On Sunday the weather stayed nice all day which helped make modified nationals the best one so far.


I think modified nationals should have more going on rather then it just being a car show they should have displays and something to watch. They do a small drifting arena but its not fun watching cars go in circles. the best part was when one of the drift cars lost a tyre...


Hopefully next year there will be better weather on the Saturday and even more cars on show to look at.


The hot rod show was also bigger and better this year with more hot rods on show and a bigger area full of american muscle !!

TRAX 2013

Posted on August 31, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yet again by far the best car show of the year !!


Although it is only on for a day, there is so much on and always something to do. There are thousands of cars on show & it seems that there are more every year.


I have always said that TRAX is my favorite day show of the year with modified nationals being my favorite weekend show.


TRAX is hosted by Silverstone and is usually in september which isn't great for the weather but this year it wasn't actually that bad. Annoying once you have spent 6 hours detailing your car and it rains, but still all of the cars on show were well looked after and all had their own little touch.


I decided this year to be on a stand with StillBallin - we didn't win stand of the show but we should of in my opinion - never the less one lad with a yellow Corsa walked away with "best wheels on show" thanks to WheelWhores competition.


Hopefully next year ill be with -


It's now the end of the season its been a great year now lets look forward to The Fast Show 2014 !!



Modified Nationals 2013

Posted on May 26, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I've just got back from Modified Nationals - What a weekend !!

I arived on friday evening and we set up camp ready for a fun filled weekend - the weather let us down, constant rain and then sunshine, but we didnt let that spoil our weekend.

There was so much to do the whole weekend i would definatly recomend it to anyone who has not been before.

Modified natinoals has always been labled as "chav fest" but personally i think that USC at santapod is much worse... as long as you bring a tent and a few friends your guarenteed to enjoy yourself.

At nigh time there is a Rave in the peterborough arena, and if your not into dance music, there is also a MC Room with a bar. There is a fairground for & a giant catapault for all you Addredaline Junkies.

One let down is all the cars being started in the morning - revving their engines and driving around with their music full blast but thats just the car scene for you...

This year it was slightly different as there was also a Hot Rod show going on at the same time which meant more to see and to enjoy - there were some awesome cars on show and i cant wait for next year !!

Bring on Modified Nationals 2014

Gymkhana GRID Final 2012

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today i woke up and decided that as it was supposed to be a nice day, ill head across the map to Santapod in Wellingborough to watch the Gymkhana GRID Final.


The forecast wasn't right... but when is it ever right ? It only rained for an hour or so but i didn't let it spoil my day. I had never been to an event like GRID so i was quite excited as i didn't know what to expect.


Not only was i looking forward to seeing Gymkhana live, but to see Ken Block LIVE was one of the best things i have ever seen in my life. Ken Block is my hero and i love his Gymkhana videos.


Half way through the day i witnessed a lorry drifting around the track - which i also thought i would never see


The whole day was full of drifting and other shows. I'm glad i went out to see it because it really was a day i will never forget


Luckily enough i remembered my camera & there are some shots from the day under "My Portfolio"


Cant wait to see GRID again at TRAX

Spalding Takeover

Posted on August 23, 2012 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Soo as I live in Peterborough I thought I would make an appearance at the famous "Spalding Takeover" it all started off as a little event on facebook as a meet for people ... which ended up having more then 450 cars & bikes come from all over England !! the event was EPIC .. a real success and the cars were all modified in their own little way. the atmosphere was great, the police were there with cctv but no one was doing anything wrong and the police weren't harassing us !!


The only people to harass us was as usual - the newspaper !! Labelling us enthusiasts as "boy racers" yet again.


I look forward to the next Spalding cruise if this was anything to go by !! 

Check out the facebook page -

Performance Vauxhall Show 2012

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

PVS is the biggest Vauxhall car show of the year & it is hosted at Santa Pod raceway.


This year kicked off about 8am when everyone was in and that last bit of detailing was being done! I decided to join Uk-VauxOnline this year on their stand as they are a great bunch of guys who are all car enthusiasts. I have to say i was not looking forward to the weather at all the whole week before it showed the weekend as being wet and miserable but it actually turned out beautiful ! 20 degrees on the Sunday and a bit cooler on the Saturday. Saturday I spent 5 hours detailing the car ready for the show and I have to say it was very worth it ! looked EPIC when it was done [:)]


The show was pretty much the same as any other show at the pod, with drifting, drag racing and bmx stunt shows etc but one thing that wasn't so popular was the promo girls ! Bit of a let down this year but then it gives us lads something to look forward to at USC [:P]


I'm glad I went to PVS as it was my first time and there was some pretty sweet Vauxhalls at the show (and a selection of outcasts haha). The show was mostly Astras ! But all with something different about them which makes shows different to touring tesco's car park !


I have to say the 3 best stands in my opinion was VXR Online, Corsa Sport & Astra Owners Network !!


Click Here to have a little look at the snaps i got !!

Cheers for reading


Modified Nationals 2012

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Modified Nationals Kicked off at lunch time Friday for everyone who had a weekend ticket !


There was plenty to do at night with a club inside for ravers and even a bar for everyone into grime & rap etc. There was also a fair ground outside and strip club to keep everyone entertained !


Saturday kicked off about half 8 when everyone had finally woken up - and if you hadn't, there was kind chav's revving up helping you get out of bed. Once everyone was on the stands, I went for a walk and got some pictures which you can find in "My Portfolio". It was pretty good weather after lunch time and there was plenty to do ! Go karting, stunt shows, drifting, show & shine, Miss Modified Nationals and loads more !


Saturday night was pretty much the same as Friday night but with a neon light show . The beauty of Modified nationals is that there are security driving about after 10 o'clock making sure people don't have their cars on or aren't driving about. this means you can just do your own thing, either go clubbing or just sleep !


Sunday was a bit of a let down with the rain ! I only stayed until half 10 in the morning and called it a day, and good job as it didn't stop raining the whole day !!


I have to say it was a pretty good show, not as good as the past years (apparently) but I enjoyed myself and would definitely go again next year !!


Bring on Mod Nats 2013 !